Trapped In My Body

My breasts hurt my back and neck. My bra causes me migraines. I’m prone to rashes and sores. I want a reduction, but I have concerns. I’m also not in the position to right now.

At 18 my boobs were cup size E(DD). Now my cup size I is too small. So I guess I’m a size J. IΒ wonder if they are going to stop growing.

I’m genderqueer, because I don’t feel female or male, but I think I could be both too.Β My body dysphoria is another reason big boobs suck. If they were small I could choose to ignore or accentuate. Currently there is no way to hide them. Even when I dress conservative Β I look like I’m trying to show them off. In a bra they stick out so far I feel disproportionate. When I go without one I feel ugly and judged. I often get looks and comments, sexual and otherwise.



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